Streamlined and Efficient Placement of Exceptional Talent

We at Cosmetic Recruitment are dedicated to creating win-win matches between businesses and industry professionals. Our reach spans key positions within the Aesthetic Industry across the whole of the UK. By building enduring professional associations with our clients, we ensure an in-depth understanding of your business and team to optimally cater to your recruitment needs.

Our comprehensive approach empowers us to find the ideal candidates for your business. Leveraging cutting-edge recruitment technology and our in-depth industry knowledge, we connect businesses with outstanding industry professionals who are actively seeking work in your field.

Our specialist team, carrying significant recruitment experience, ensures the acquisition of highly suitable candidates for your requirements.

Tailored Recruitment Solutions

We acknowledge that each client represents unique recruitment circumstances - budgetary constraints, a specific timeline to fill the position and specific skills a candidate must possess to complement the existing workforce.

In response, we offer an adaptive approach to recruitment, evaluating these factors in advance to create a personalized and informed recruitment strategy.

Stringent Candidate Evaluation

The candidates we endorse have undergone a thorough assessment by our team. This includes virtual one-on-one meetings, personality profiling for company culture fit, skill evaluation, and when feasible, acquiring references and validating professional qualifications.

The recruitment experience varies for each client and we offer a range of solutions that can be mixed and matched for the ideal recruitment outcome.

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Whether you’re looking for a new member of staff to join your business on a temporary, contract or permanent basis our knowledgeable team utilises the latest in innovative recruitment technology to find industry professionals looking for work in your industry.

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